2015 SuccessLink Teen Employment Registration

To apply, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • Must turn 15 years old, on or before, Sunday, July 5, 2015.

  • Cannot turn 19 years old, on or before, Friday, August 14, 2015.

  • Must be a full-time resident of the City of Boston and have proof of address from school as well as currently be enrolled in high school or a GED/Alternative Education program.

  • Must be legally authorized to work in the United States.

  • Teens must provide proof of social security card if selected to work in the program.

Please note:
  • Applying to the summer employment program does not guarantee a summer job.
  • The deadline to submit an application is March 27, 2015 at 11:59 PM.
  • The application below MUST be filled out by the youth applicant ONLY.
  • For help completing your application, give us a call at 617-635-4202.

Fill out the form below:

* indicates a required field.

Section 1:   Applicant Contact Information
First Name: * Middle Initial: Last Name: *
Date of Birth: * help You must be between the ages of 15 and 18 to be eligible. You must turn 15 years old on or before July 5, 2015 and you cannot turn 19 years old on or before August 14, 2015. Gender: Male Female
Social Security Number: * - -
Home Address #1 (Street Address): * help The first input field is the street number. The second is for the street name.

For example, if your address is:
125 Magazine Street

1. Enter "125" in the first input field
2. Enter "Magazine" in the second input field
3. Select "Street" from the drop-down
Home Address #2 (Apt Number):
Zip Code: *
Home Phone: * - -
Cell Phone: - -
E-Mail Address: *
Section 2:   Applicant School & Personal Information
Are you currently enrolled in school? * Yes No
Are you currently a Boston Public School student? * Yes No
If you are not a BPS student, please type the name of the school you attended:
Is English your first language? Yes No
If no, what is your first language?
Are you fluent in another language? Yes No
If yes, what language?
Have you previously been employed by DYEE or BYF? Yes No
Are you interested in participating in a study that would give you the ability to buy a MBTA “Youth Pass,” a discounted unlimited Charlie Card (bus and train) for youth ages 12-21 that can be used as many times a day as desired, with no time or day restrictions? Yes No
Section 3:   Job Types & Areas of Interest
What type of job opportunities are you interested in? *
 (Please select up to three (3) areas of interests from the list below.)
Administrative / Office Assistants
Art (Painting / Drawing /Graphic Design)
Camp Counselor
Community Organizing
Construction / Building Trades
Custodial Work / Maintenance
Dance (Performing Arts)
Day Care / Teacher's Assistant
Education / Tutoring

Environmental / Landscaping
Government / Public Service
Health Care
Communications / Media / Journalism
Library Services
Marine Sciences
Peer Leadership
Recreation and Sports
Sports / Fitness, Recreation (Golf, Baseball, Tennis)
Theatre / Performing Arts
Section 4:   Applicant Essay
What makes you a great candidate for a summer job?
(50 word minimum, 500 word maximum).*

Section 5:   Questionnaire for Funding and Reporting
The following information is asked strictly for funding and reporting purposes and does not have an effect on the hiring of youth employees.

Please check all of the characteristics that apply to you.

I am a teen parent
I am the child of a single working parent
I am experiencing difficulty or poor grades in school
I am not currently enrolled in school
I do not speak English fluently
I immigrated to the United States from a foreign country
I am and/or have: a Criminal History, DYS Involved, on Juvenile Probation, Juvenile Arrest, Court Involved, Gang Involved, or CHINS
I am a Current Foster Youth
I am a Former Foster Youth (Close to or Aged Out)
I am homeless
I have a disability and/or a special needs student

By checking the box below, you agree to the following terms:

  • I understand that youth employees in the 2015 Summer Employment Program that provide a service to anyone 18 years or under or the elderly, MUST have a Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) and Sexual Offender Record Information (SORI) background check conducted.

  • I understand that the Department of Youth Engagement may use information in this application for research and program development and or collaborate with BPS to collect data regarding income eligibility, but that no personal identifying information will be released at any time without my consent.

  • I confirm that, to my knowledge, the information provided in the application above is accurate. Also, by typing my name in the box below, I am providing my electronic-signature to submit the application.

  • I understand that registering for an employment opportunity with the Department of Youth Engagement and Employment does NOT guarantee me a position in our employment program.

Applicant Signature (Please Write Your Full Name): *
REMINDER: This application can ONLY be completed by the individual teen applicants themselves. Applicants found to not have registered themselves may be disqualified from selection for a position.

After clicking the submit button, please wait for your registration number to be displayed on the screen. Write the number down and keep it as proof of your registration.

Department of Youth Employment and Engagement | 1483 Tremont St Boston, MA 02120 | 617-635-4202