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Over the years, the Boston Youth Fund (BYF) has made it a priority to offer positive job experiences to youth. It has been our philosophy that it is imperative to not only provide a paycheck, but also a quality work experience. This allows the youth of Boston an opportunity to discover and explore their talents while contributing to the well being of their community.

The goals of the BYF are very important. By following through on these goals, we are able to effect thousands of youth throughout the City of Boston. One of the most significant goals the BYF hopes to accomplish is granting youth the opportunity to discover new skills, as well an understanding about the workforce they will encounter in the future. Through their BYF experience, each youth employee is able to gain a sense of responsibility and teamwork, while broadening their sense of community. The Boston Youth Fund intends that all participants in the program be a part of a solid working experience, and that they form lasting relationships that carry beyond the summer months.

Ultimately, it is always a major priority of the BYF to hire as many Hopeline applicants as possible. Each February, youth applicants register with the Hopeline for the possibility of being offered a summer job. Registrants must be between the ages of 15 and 17 and in addition, must be a resident of the city of Boston.

2014 Summer Employment Application Information (HOPELINE)

Registration closed on June 14, 2014.

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Please call the BYF Headquarters at 617-635-4202 or E-Mail to BostonYouthFund@cityofboston.gov.
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